Perbandingan Efektivitas Dekolorisasi Fotokatalitik Metilen Biru dan Metil Jingga menggunakan Semikonduktor ZnO pada Variasi pH

Annisa M. Dewi, Wahyu B. Widayatno, Yuly Kusumawati


The comparison of photocatalytic decolorization of Methylene Blue and Methyl Orange using ZnO Semiconductor under UV-LED radiation has been studied at varied pH. ZnO have been synthesized using co-precipitation method. The Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) result showed that the synthesized ZnO has a hexagonal structure with the particle size range 0.125 to 0.5 µm. The BET isotherm characterization showed the synthesized ZnO has a specific surface area (SBET), mesoporous volume and micropore volume of 60.20 m2/g, 0.541 cm3/g and 0.02 cm3/g, respectively. The observation of the effect of pH to the photocatalytic activity showed that the highest removal percentage occurred at pH 9 with the value of 95.64% for methylene blue and occurred at pH 3 with the value of 6.236% for methyl orange. 


Photocatalytic; ZnO; pH; Methylene blue; Methyl Orange

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