Intellectual Property

Copyright and Licensing: Authors retain copyright and are granted a CC BY license, allowing third parties to use the work while providing appropriate credit to the original author.

Author Rights: Authors have the right to use their work for future endeavors, reproduce it for personal use, self-archive, and enter into separate distribution contracts, with the stipulation that the work's initial publication in this journal is acknowledged.

Author Fees:

  • Manuscript submission: IDR 0,-
  • Manuscript review process: IDR 0,-
  • Upon acceptance and publication: IDR 1,000,000,-

These fees support the open-access nature of the journal, ensuring broad dissemination of your work.

Transparency of Costs: The journal is upfront about any costs associated with publication, which are communicated clearly to authors and readers.

Prepublication and Plagiarism Policies: The journal defines prepublication practices that could disqualify a submission and maintains stringent guidelines to prevent plagiarism and redundant publication. Jurnal Riset Kimia utilizes Turnitin to evaluate manuscript originality, with a threshold set at 20% for the similarity index. Submissions exceeding this limit may be subject to further scrutiny or rejection. If important problems are found after the paper has been published, like evidence of unreliable results due to misconduct or error, publication of the same thing twice without proper crossreferencing or justification, instances of plagiarism, or reports of unethical research, the journal will think about retracting the paper to fix the academic record and protect the integrity of scientific research.

The policy is based on the Core Practices from the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)